DRS Investment GmbH acquires logistics software specialist

Software investor with first holding in Switzerland

Munich/Germany, December 12, 2018 – The private equity company DRS Investment GmbH makes the second investment in its first full financial year and acquires 100 percent of all shares of the Swiss software company XELOG AG. The logistics software specialist has been developing intralogistics solutions for companies in the retail, industrial and logistics service sectors for over 20 years, and is one of the leading providers in Switzerland. With the help of DRS Investment, XELOG intends to move deeper into the German market and expand its cloud computing business. In addition, applications with artificial intelligence (AI) will become more important.

“We are convinced that with DRS Investment we have found the right partner for the sustainable development of XELOG, and that we thoughtfully arranged the succession,” says Peter Duss, previous shareholder of XELOG. Founder Armin Töngi adds: “DRS Investment has extensive expertise in positioning software companies. In addition to technical support in the development of our software, I am pleased that DRS Investment will also support us in the internationalization process through its broad network.”

XELOG, Rotkreuz/Switzerland, was founded in 1996 by IT engineer Armin Töngi. The branch office in Dortmund/Germany was founded in 2015. XELOG designs and develops customer-specific intralogistics solutions and offers support and logistics consulting in addition to its own software products. The core product is the warehouse management system XELOG WMS. The XELOG WMS manages, controls and optimizes all processes in internal logistics. XELOG’s customers range from medium-sized companies to international corporations from different industries throughout Europe. Due to their international activities, XELOG solutions are used worldwide.

Expansion of cloud computing and artificial intelligence
With the acquisition by DRS Investment, the Cloud Computing segment in particular is to be expanded as well as the “Software as a Service” business (SaaS). XELOG will make its Warehouse Management System (WMS) available in the cloud, making it faster and more convenient at any time. In addition, logistics apps that can be added give customers a high level of flexibility. In the future, the focus will also move to solutions with AI. “AI is now omnipresent in our industry. We want to set the standard in this field and help our customers generate value from their data,” says Töngi.

DRS Investment plans further transactions in the software logistics industry
The software investor DRS Investment intends to systematically drive XELOG’s business forward by acquiring further suppliers of WMS and software companies along the supply chain. The goal is to establish a software group that will offer software services along the entire supply chain from a single source.

“Small and medium-sized companies in Germany have only digitized a small part of their business processes,” says Dr. Andreas Spiegel, Managing Partner of DRS Investment. “With XELOG’s many years of expertise, we can support companies from retail, industrial and logistics service sectors with customized solutions. To position ourselves on the market in the long term, we want to grow further through acquisitions.”

The transaction was led by DRS founder and Managing Partner Dr. Andreas Spiegel, supported by DRS partners Harald Ebrecht and Dr. Sven Abels. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

About DRS Investment

DRS Investment GmbH is a private equity company focusing on Digital. Revolutionary. Software investments. DRS Investment was founded in 2017 by the entrepreneur and investor Dr. Andreas Spiegel with the support of other private equity investors to acquire software companies with the aim of managing and developing them in the long term. DRS Investment currently holds stakes in Ascora GmbH and XELOG AG. Regardless of the buy & build approach with XELOG, DRS Investment plans to build up a large portfolio of small to medium-sized software companies with EBIT between €1.5 million and €5.0 million. DRS Investment invests in companies with a company valuation of up to €50.0 million.


XELOG AG is a software and consulting company that designs, implements and supports solutions for professional warehouse management (intralogistics). The management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. XELOG is a stock company under Swiss law with headquarters in Rotkreuz near Zug. The company was founded in 1996.

More information can be found at: www.xelog.com